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Such responses try irreversible, Loving states, in which he names Dreiser because the “a racial conventional, otherwise a beneficial racist
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Considering James Schroeter examples of Cather's anti-Semitism (xenophobia) are going to be learned away from quick tales instance “The old Beauty” (1948), hinting at the Jewish vulgarity and you can viciousness (in the place of claiming they blatantly): one of several scoundrels was illustrated since a beneficial banker who's “smart,” “repulsive,” and you will “foreign-appearing

Fitzgerald gift ideas Meyer Wolfshiem since the a fictional representation of Arnold Rothstein step 1 (Your mind): a well known racketeer plus the bigwig of the Jewish mafia. Of the same token, instead of Cather, Dreiser is extremely singing regarding his stereotypic labels, linking “the Irishman” or “this new Swede” having revoltingness and you can vulgarity. Jerome Loving notices Dreiser together with his racist comments denouncing liberalism and you can great deal of thought futile since Western area is imperiled, becoming bought out from the many “models,” one of which happen to be Jews, Arabs, and you will blacks.