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Would Mature Close Dating "Work" in the same way one Baby-Caregiver Relationships Works?

People seeking a lot of time-identity matchmaking pick responsive caregiving features, such as attentiveness, passion, and sensitiveness, as most "attractive" for the potential relationships couples (Zeifman & Hazan, 1997)

There clearly was now an ever-increasing quantity of lookup one implies that mature romantic relationship setting in many ways which might be similar to kids-caregiver relationship, which includes notable conditions, naturally. Naturalistic search on adults splitting up off their lovers on an enthusiastic airport shown you to definitely practices a sign off attachment-relevant protest and you can caregiving was basically obvious, and this brand new controls of these practices try regarding the attachment concept (Fraley Shaver, 1998). Such as, whenever you are separating lovers generally exhibited far more attachment behavior than simply nonseparating couples, very avoidant people exhibited way less connection choices than simply shorter avoidant people.